These will all work great for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, but with the 15-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro, you will need one that chargers at 85W to charge fully while using it. You can use the official Apple USB C charge cable to connect USB C devices to your MacBook. In that case, you may want to add the wireless Apple Magic Mouse 2 to your setup. This accessory lets you plug a MacBook Pro into one cable to charge and connect to external storage, monitors, and other accessories. These above mentioned accessories will ensure you by using these accessories you will take your laptop into next advanced level. A good stand puts your MacBook Pro screen at eye level. Also found at PoTS Jots writing about chronic illness. The Nulaxy C1 Laptop Stand is the ideal choice for positioning your MacBook Pro at a comfortable level and preventing unnecessary hunching, which can lead to long-term pain. That's in addition to the encryption offered by the Time Machine backups. If you're working on your laptop but need to continue while out and about, you can use Handoff to pick up where you left off on your iPad. If you’re using one at work and have to bring your own a model that stacks onto your desk is a good option. This is especially true if you regularly use a desktop PC with a mouse. A full review is coming soon. The MacBook Pro is a great laptop, but even the best laptops need accessories to help them meet their potential. Another sleek looking option is the Moshi Codex for the MacBook Pro. It’s designed to keep your Mac free from junk and detect apps that waste your Mac’s memory resources. Watch these best MacBook accessories in this video from Gearology: Charging, syncing, storage, or transport — you can always up the ante of your MacBook with the help of some accessories. The 2020 edition of the MacBook Pro 13-inch has two Thunderbolt 3 ports and two USB 4 ports. Get the Best MacBook Air 2020 Accessories Right Here. It features 14 ports and can charge the 15-inch MBP at full speed. 3 minute read Published 22 December 2020, 20:00 EST The large capacity drive should have no problem storing multiple backups of your most important files. Apple sells two official USB C to Lightning cables. The cable we recommend is available in 3 ft, 6 ft, 10 ft, and 13 ft options. With a standing desk, you can sit or stand based on your activity and your mood. Posted on November 15, 2018. The following are some of the cool devices that every Apple Macbook Pro user can get at a cheap price and enjoy a great time on his laptop: #1 – USB 3.0 TO TYPE-C ADAPTER 5 IN 1 . The Apple ecosystem is one of the best you can invest yourself in, and accessories … The MacBook Pro isn't overflowing with ports, for example, so if you need to connect multiple devices, then you'd need a hub. This is the better option, and it includes a Quick Charge port to plug in a charging cable for your phone. Here are the best MacBook Pro accessories in 2020. You can buy this on Amazon for $14.99. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When you take your MacBook Pro off the stand it lays down and looks like a desk decoration. Posts Twitter. When it comes to connecting your iPhone to your MacBook Pro, the best option is to buy a USB C to Lightning cable instead of using an adapter that is more likely to get lost or left at home. If you sign into a compatible iPad with your Apple ID, then you can place the iPad next to your laptop and move … If your MacBook becomes damaged or you mistakenly delete files that you need to get back, you should have a recent backup of your MacBook Pro. You get more options, better prices, and some cool options that Apple won’t stock. Science. Gear; The MacBook is widely popular in the tech, design, and photography community for its stability, performance, and quality. It’s much cheaper than many USB C docks that cater to power users or businesses. We like the Sanyo HyperDrive 7-in-1 hub that includes a Micro SD card reader for your Drone or Go Pro and a full-size SD card reader as well as USB Type C and two USB 3.0 ports. This charges at 60W, so it’s full speed for the 13-inch but not full speed for the 15 or 16-inch models. There is no SD card slot on the MacBook Pro. Check out the limited deal offers from amazon to save big in your shopping cart. If you don’t like trackpads, check out the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for $48.99 at Amazon. You’ll still gain some battery life while using your MacBook Pro and if you put it to sleep it will fully charge pretty quickly. You can lift your MacBook Pro's display up to 10 inches above the surface. The OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock offers all the ports you need and support for multiple monitors. Here are the best MacBook Pro accessories in 2020. Whether that’s through a USB Hub or a 4K Monitor, the new MacBook Pro will cater to the requirements! These are the best MacBook Pro accessories — and no, they’re not all dongles! If you’ve bought a new MacBook Pro in 2020, or in the last few years, these are the accessories you need to connect devices to the USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. The Monoprice cable works just as good, but you will need to wait for delivery which may push some users to go to Apple. This app has been named “the best-designed Mac app” by IF Design award in 2020. With this many cables, adapters, and dongles in your bag, you need a keep them organized. Although the MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops out there, it has one significant downside; the lack of ports. This sleeve has a carry handle and a clamshell design so you can still use your MacBook Pro without taking it out of the sleeve. This also works for the most newer iPhones. You’ll need this for external hard drives, for a thumb drive and other devices of the like that you want to connect to your 2016 MacBook Pro.