Arlo Jacob Candle Company

We couldn’t build time machines, so we’re making candles instead

We believe that simple pleasures are the key to happiness. And what could be simpler than lighting a candle wick?

You slide open the matchbox. Strike the match against the side. Before the flame is even extinguished, a new aroma starts to fill the room, and the very space you inhabit is transformed. Your home becomes a cottage by the sea, or a rustic library in a stone house. Memories of bygone days are as real as when you first experienced them. Magic.

We also believe that there’s magic in taking your time. We’ll add new candle scents to our catalog only when they’re ready. And only when we have a new, unique, meaningful fragrance to share.

We’re a small, mom-and-pop shop doing something we not only believe in, but truly enjoy. All our candles are individually hand-poured here in Los Angeles using petroleum-free coconut wax–the absolute cleanest-burning and earth-friendliest wax we could find.

We hope you love our unique candles as much as we love creating them.

If you’d like to contact Arlo Jacob, please send us an email.


Arlo Jacob Candle Company