To make it sound like "maximum endurance". If you ask us, the 3.0L Duramax’s 277hp factory rating (at the crank) is underrated. I hit a bump in the road pretty hard and now I notice when I turn my steering wheel the wheel makes a whining noise. Still have questions? No? Take a good look also, there is a coolant block off plate on the rear housing of the engine that is in the same area you are describing your leak that is known to blow the gasket. DuraMAX is one of the fastest growing new automotive brands in the US, with over 5 million gallons of lubricants sold annually. Less than 8,000 miles on that oil … The new Duramax 3.0 will deliver a solid 277 hp in the Silverado and 460 lb-ft of torque. Chevy / GMC Duramax 06-07 LBZ & LLY Forums. The tune-only power capabilities combined with its reliability are what make the LBZ the most sought after Duramax today, nearly 14 years after it stopped production. The lightw… Please help, 🇨🇱 🚆2007 LBZ 3500 LT3 DRW Crew Cab, Sulastics, Putnam XDR 15K, B&W 30K-Turnover GN+Companion, Ride-Rite Air...EFI'd by Rob. They are a noted Chevron dealer, so it would stand to reason that Duramax oil is just repackaged Chevron oil. However, once the injector issue is addressed, the LB7 is extremely reliable. Duramax Engine Oil Selection There is no reason nor excuse not to use a full synthetic motor oil. The concept of aluminum cylinder heads on a diesel engine, which is subjected to relatively high cylinder pressures, is more worrisome than the reality. Not a good idea to drive with coolant in the oil. It's oil. Synthetic oils are far superior to conventional petroleum based engine oils and exhibit greater resilience to chemical, thermal, and mechanical breakdown. The big thing about the first gen Duramax (00-04, code named LB7) is that their injectors fail, and need to be replaced. Getting the oil change done at a dealership or a shop will run $100 at a minimum. dont shy away from it just because of that as it a very good truck When it comes to Mobil Oil’s for Duramax, well this is the top one to contend with, and this is a fully backward compatible oil that delivers exceptional performance in all Duramax engines, old and new. Duramax Diesels Forum > Duramax/Diesel Technical > Duramax Hard Parts > Fluids and Maintenance: what is a good oil … I dont know if the head gaskets are completely done for or its something else. There's nothing notable, good or bad about it. Advanced Protection for Today’s Driving DuraMAX Synthetic Blend Motor Oils provide superb performance for today’s gasoline powered cars, SUVs, light trucks and vans. ... Not a good idea to drive with coolant in the oil. Duramax-branded oil is marketed by a company called RelaDyne. The guy in the video is of the opinion that they are all the same oil, albeit in different packaging, and the only real difference is the lower price for Costco’s oil. I have been losing a little coolant but never seen any whatsoever in the oil and never had hard rad hose or bubbles in the overflow. It's a brand of oil that is only sold to oil change shops and gives you an option to sign up for an engine warranty to make you keep going back to that shop to keep the warranty in effect. The truck has 430k on it. Hook'em is correct, external leaks are very uncommon. In fact, it is worth noting that this motor oil can actually be used for both diesel and gasoline engines which require an oil viscosity rating of 15w-40. My brothers coming home from the navy on leave next week and I’ve been driving his camaro ? All these names are completely meaningless. With over 1,000,000 Duramax engines on the road today, the aluminum cylinder head design has yet to be identified (with any credibility) as an inherent problem for Duramax owners.